Volunteering in Anderson County!

This past weekend was a beautiful day to work outside at Choices Resource Center! A group from my church, no rx cheap Faith Promise, for sale worked together along with another local church to do landscaping, painting and other volunteer office work. It was part of an area wide volunteer weekend. Our church had a number of volunteer opportunities for those wanting to participate. I was very pleased to see several young children who came with their parents to help out. I really think it is so important to have children learn the meaning of community service. I was so fortunate to have parents, but especially a father, who showed me what it truly meant to volunteer and serve others in my community. It doesn’t have to be a special day to volunteer, as it was this weekend. If you have an hour each week to put toward a project in your community, that helps a lot! Instead of complaining all the time, get out and volunteer, make a difference in your community!

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