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Why Buy Local?

The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee is an avid supporter of \”Buy Local – Stay Local\”, healing a program designed to encourage residents of Anderson County to buy their goods and services in Anderson County for a good reason.\n\nFor every $100 spent in Anderson County, for sale consumers pay 9.75% sales tax on goods purchased. Therefore, the sales tax on $100 is $9.75. The State of Tennessee retains $7.00 or 7%, with $2.75 (2.75%) minus fees that returns to local governments. From the $2.75 (2. 75%) the State retains 1.125% for administrative costs and prior to distribution by the Anderson County Trustee’s office, a 1 % fee is assessed, leaving $2.69 to be distributed as follows: one-half to the three school systems and the remainder returned to the municipality or county government from which it was received.\n\nConsider the amount you spend in a month and how much of that expenditure you spend in another county, thereby contributing to their revenues. If you purchase $100 worth of goods in another county, your \”$2.69\” is retained by that county.\n\nAnderson County has 31,652 households with the average household income of $58,855.00. A typical family spends 15% of their annual income on groceries, which equates to approximately $8,850 a year, or $280 million a year on groceries that will generate $7 .5 million in local option sales tax. Did you know that in Anderson County, the local option sales tax received in 2015, the 2.75% minus fees, equates to $25 million in total revenues for Anderson County Government, the five municipalities and all three school systems?\n\nHowever, leakage to surrounding counties remains staggering. When you consider large purchases such as cars, appliances, building supplies, etc., ask yourself, \”Can this product be purchased in Anderson County?\” It could be more myth than truth that you will receive a lower price by going to a retailer in another county. Did you know that most retailers offer price matching? Do your homework. Provide the sales person an advertisement from local media or from the internet and you may receive the same price here in your county. Often apparent savings are more than offset by the additional costs of gasoline and wear and tear on your vehicle to travel to Knoxville or other counties.\n\nThere are over 2,600 businesses in Anderson County that contribute to the economic health of our County by payment of property tax (40% of the County’s overall budget), business tax (about $1.2 million annually), sales tax when supplies are purchased from other businesses and payroll tax. Their employees receive a salary and have the option to spend their money in Anderson County.\nIf goods and services are purchased in another county, their employees are likely to live in that county and spend their money in that county.\n\nRevenues needed to operate Anderson County Government and the municipalities of Clinton, Norris, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs and Rocky Top are derived from property tax, sales tax, business tax, gas tax, in lieu of tax payments, transfer taxes and mortgage taxes paid to the Register of Deeds, vehicle registration fees paid to the County Clerk, building permits, court costs, traffic tickets and other taxes from federal and state sources. Services provided to citizens from these government entities include police and fire protection, schools, ambulance services, garbage collection, libraries, roads, parks, etc.\n\nAnderson County Government collects 41.5% of the property tax from commercial properties while 58.5% is collected from residential properties. One Big Box Retailer in Anderson County annually pays $83,240 for one location and $119,623 for the second location in property tax.\n\nAll local revenues including Sales Tax and Property Tax provide funding for the three school systems as follows based on \”weighted average attendance\”: 0.576% to Anderson County Schools, 0.348% to Oak Ridge Schools and 0.076% to Clinton City Schools.\n\nThe \”Buying Local Program\”, if successful, may contribute to lower taxes and provide an atmosphere for local retailers to not only stay in business in Anderson County but also to grow in Anderson County.\n\nNeed another reason to Buy Local? Research has proven that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remains in the county by way of local supply purchases and business services, local taxes, wages and community donations. Local businesses have a tendency to support the local community, patronize local establishments for both business and personal reasons as well as support community organizations. How many times have you seen the signs of a local business on the local ball field fence or a business name on the back of a youth’s team jersey?\n\nFinally, let me say a word about internet sales. Online out-of-state companies DO NOT support the local economy by job creation, property and business tax revenue or support our community organizations or schools. When we spend our money in Anderson County, it stays in Anderson County!!\n\nBUY LOCAL – it’s more than a concept – it’s a way of life! Support the businesses that reinvest in our county’s economic vitality, while maintaining the unique character and quality of life in Anderson County! Shop Anderson County first to support local business and keep tax dollars working in our community!\n\nJanet Hawkins, Executive Vice President\nRetail Development\nAnderson County Chamber of Commerce\n245 N. Main St., Ste. 200, Clinton, TN 37716\nPH: 865-457-2559

Curb Appeal

“You’ll never have a second chance to create a good first impression.\”\n\nThe very first impression potential buyers, diagnosis make when pulling up to your home is does it have curb appeal? Even if you are not in the market to sell your house, tadalafil curb appeal helps to increase your home and property value. If a yard is well taken care of, there is confidence that the home is also well taken care of.\n\nHere are some simple tips to help your home look its best…\n\n1) Clean up!- Pick up garbage that has been dropped. Pick up all broken branches and dead trees as soon as possible to maintain a better appearance. Power wash your home, driveway, deck, and sidewalks to clean off any built up debris.\n\n2) Landscaping- Plant with each season in mind, being mindful of your landscaping. Think about pops of color to draw attention, as well as something that doesn’t require lots of maintenance. It doesn’t cost anything to get weeds out of your flower beds! Prune shrubs, trim trees to make them look more appealing to your line of sight. Consider placing some solar lighting in among your landscaping and driveway.\n\n3) Front Door- Repaint it with a pop of color that accents the house, place a new welcome mat in front of the door, add some flowers in pots, a wreath on the door. Make it look warm and inviting.\n\n4) Maintaining-You won’t have any curb appeal if you have a beautiful landscaped lawn and have not maintained your home. Replace gutters when they need. Fixing worn out porch will help up your curb appeal, and your home and property value.\n\nWhat do you need to do to improve the appearance of your home?

How does staging effect the sale of a home?

Staging a home is a very important step when getting your home ready to sell. Here are some very simple tips to stage a house on a budget. If you are serious about selling your home then you need to have a very discerning eye. Look at your house, discount rx as if you are a potential buyer.  Here is some tips for staging.\n


  1. De-Personalize-Remove any family photos, sale as well as dirty clothes, recipe toothbrushes, makeup.  Allow the potential buyer to use their imagination to view this as a home for their family.
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  3. Declutter-Get rid of things! Sell, donate, trash! This can be one of the biggest jobs, and most important.
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  5. Deep Clean-The easiest way to stage your home is to just clean it! Wash your dishes, put the laundry away, vacuum, mop, clean the bathrooms, make the beds.
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  7. Closets-Clean out closets. Don’t have closets look like they are overflowing and not enough space. Have them neat and organized. Most people desire closet space, if your closets are overflowing they will automatically think they will not have enough closet space.
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  9. Neutralize your home- Freshen up your paint with a coat of neutral paint!  It will give your home the crisp, clean look that most buyers are looking for.
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  11. Curb Appeal-The first impression a buyer will get is pulling up to your home. You want to make them want to come inside. If the outside is taken care of, the inside will likely be taken care of also.  Keep the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, bushes trimmed and some flowers planted.
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  13. Smell-Make sure your home smells clean. Walk outside for a few minutes, clear your senses and walk back inside your home. What do you smell? Is it overpowering? Too flowery? Too strong? It should smell fresh and clean.
  14. \n

  15. Mr.Fix-It-Walk through your home and make a list of things that need to be fixed. Screws tightened, holes patched,
  16. \n

  17. Warmth-Turn up the temperature a few degrees in the winter. In the summer turn the AC to make sure the house will be comfortable during showings. You want potential buyers to feel comfortable.
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  19. Furniture-Place your furniture so that your rooms flow. You want to be able to move comfortably around a room and not feel crowded.
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2013 Knoxville Area Association of Realtors Award of Excellence Winners

\n\nJoey, generic cialis viagra  Multi-million dollar producer\n\n\n\nMelissa, ambulance viagra sale  Multi-million dollar producer\n\n\n\nJo, Million dollar producer\n\n\n\nBobbie, Million dollar producer\n\n\n\nTeresa, Million dollar producer\n\n\n\nTina, Million dollar producer

2012 and Our Real Estate Goals

It has been a while since I’ve been on our blog!  One of my goals for 2012 is to stay up to date on my internet presence.  All of my listings are extremely important but one listing is on the top of my list for 2012.  Dang it – I’m gonna sell 283 Brushy Valley Road, salve decease Clinton, Tn.!  This is a great house on some absolutely beautiful property.  It is one of the most beautiful mini-farms in Anderson County or even East Tennessee.  As you drive into the property, you’d be reminded of an East Tennessee South Fork (remember Dallas??).  The young owners of this house have taken it down to the brick and studs and totally rebuilt the interior.  It has all the amenities of a new house but has that quaint charm of an old farmhouse.  The huge covered porches on the rear overlook the beautiful pasture.  What a better way to spend those late summer nights, sitting around a fire pit, roasting marshmallows along Hinds Creek?  Well, you can do that at this house!  Have horses?  Trust me, your horses will love this fenced, flat property.  Living in Clinton gives you access to one of the best places in the United States to raise a family!  At 283 Brushy Valley Rd., you are in the county (no city taxes) but only minutes to all your amenites of shopping, schools, Norris Lake, Clinch River, Walmart.   My goal for 2012….sell this house for this family!  Next blog, I’ll update you on my other goals!  Enjoy 2012…it’s gonna be a great year for us!

Today’s is a good day to vent about the mortgage industry!

After a very rough day in the real estate business yesterday, viagra buy case I decided to share some of my views about the mortgage business with anyone that might read this.  First, generic viagra this program instituted by the government to help home owners reduce their mortgage payments is actually a joke!  I am now in the process of helping a good friend do a modification and we have now submitted the paperwork 5 times!  It’s the same paperwork, sent in a provided envelope, faxed, emailed, fedexed and sent UPS.  They call her each week asking for more stuff…stuff we have already sent!  We call to verify they have rec’d it, if we can leave a message (the mailboxes are usually full), they never call to confirm.  It is understandable why home owners let their houses get foreclosed on!   It is ridiculous!  They give up from all the stress!  I would give up and I do this for a living!  This is the 4th time that I have assisted someone with trying to get a loan modification.  Each time I have prepared them for what is to come and after about the 4th or 5th time of sending the same paperwork in (which in the last fax was 57 pages), they tell me, without my help they would have given up.  It is a joke!  You would think they would be trying to assist these people that actually want to try to keep their homes but instead they make it so blasted hard on them that they lose the will to even try to keep it!  THE LOAN MODIFICATION PROGRAM IS A JOKE!\n\nNext, when they say there are banks out there wanting to lend money.  That is a joke too!  For example, I have a young couple, getting married this month, wanting to buy a house.  They paid down their debts to qualify on their debt to income ratio.  We were supposed to close this week and then we found out they have to pay off one more debt to satisfy the underwriter plus get a letter from a contractor stating the roof has at least 2 years of life.  First, the home inspector or appraiser, neither of them, asked for a letter on the roof.  The underwriter sitting in who knows where but not our area, asked for it.  She has never seen the house but because we have had storms on the news, she wants the letter.  The roof is less than 5 years old!  Does she think that contractors go out and do these letters for free?  If so, in these days of everyone trying to protect themselves from getting backlash, contractors wouldn’t have any time to do their actual jobs for writing all these letters.  Just because of her wanting this letter, the seller will now have to pay the contractor to go out and write this letter.  Lending has tightened up and I warn my buyers and sellers that in all actuality about 25-50% of the loans get turned down or the houses don’t appraise out.  I understand that the standards needed to be tightened.  At one time, if you could breath and had a credit score, you could get a loan!  But do we actually need to require all of this extra stuff?  Give me a break!\n\nThe moral of this story…play the lottery and buy your house with the proceeds!  Just kidding!  I know a good lender if you need one!\n\nWell, that is my venting for the week.  It’s a much better day today.  I’ve enjoyed seeing some of my clients today and am looking forward to a wonderful 4th of July!  Hope you have a great 4th too!

Clinton receives national recognition

We here at Sellers Realty are swelling with pride for our hometown!  Bloomberg BusinessWeek released its list of the Best Places to Raise Kids in the United States.  Our very own Clinton was named the best city in Tennessee!  Bloomberg weighed several factors:  affordability of real estate, view ask good school systems, parks and recreational opportunities, and low crime rates.  Clinton came out on top as one of the top 50 small towns in the country.\n\nThose of us who have called Clinton, Tennessee home for a long time are not surprised.  Clinton is truly a fantastic community…a hidden gem, some might say.  Not surprisingly, real estate was one of the major factors used to determine the top 50.  From small cottages to country estates, Clinton and all of Anderson County provide opportunities for any buyer.  When you think of Clinton and Anderson County real estate, think Sellers Realty!  Let us introduce you to some wonderful communities and some outstanding real estate deals!

Bobbie Sellers Recognized at North Anderson County Boys and Girls Club Dinner

Last Thursday evening, viagra usa viagra the Annual North Anderson County Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame Dinner was held at the Family Life Center at First Baptist Church in Clinton.   I was thrilled that Bobbie Sellers, and my managing broker and \”boss\” was being inducted into the 2010 Hall of Fame for her work as a local  Business Leader.  I have been fortunate enough to work as an assistant and now as a licensed affiliate broker for Bobbie for over 17 years.  She has taught me everything that I know about the real estate business. \n\nNot only are we fortunate to have great leaders in our community like Bobbie, but we have a great organization in the Boys and Girls Club helping area children.  As a child, with a working mother, this would have been the place that I would have went for after school care. It is a great organization!  I encourage you to google the North Anderson County Boys and Girls Club and check out their website.

Good news in real estate! Is that possible???

I just read a great article posted on the website of a Realtor whom I am doing a referral to and wanted to share some of the info in the article.  Are you aware that now, viagra buy unhealthy 2010, generic maybe the best time in history to purchase a home?  Home prices and interest rates are both down.  It is a buyers market and buyers have the opportunity to \”snatch up\” some real deals.  Interest rates are at an all time low.  I am beginning a refinance on my personal home and my interest rate will drop over 1% but the big thing is my payment will drop over $100 per month!  In this time of economic uncertainty, that is a very big deal.  As a buyer you have the possibility to purchase a larger, newer, pricier home for possibly the same payment as your current home.  In my opinion, in 17 years of working in this office, real estate is still the best investment you can make….just make good choices!  \n\nWhat is the moral of this story?  If you are thinking about buying a home, look past the negativity and see that now is literally the time to buy.

It’s a BUYER’S MARKET in East Tennessee!

The assortment of homes for sale in our county gives a buyer a great opportunity to find the house that best suits their needs and wallet!  At this very moment, tadalafil find there are 586 homes in Anderson County for sale.  In the $100,000 to $200,000 price range there are 237 homes for sale.  Look at all the choices you have as a buyer!  Interest rates are at an all time low!  If you were prequalified for a home last year, with the rates even lower now, you can afford more home for the same payment.  At a seminiar I attended earlier this week, they emphasized that home ownership was the best retirement plan you could have.  Doesn’t that make sense?  You have to pay someone to live somewhere, so why not pay yourself?  If you have credit issues, take the time to sit down with a credit counselor at one of the mortgage companies (we can help with suggestions) and get your credit on track.  Start saving some money, cut out the little things and see how quickly your savings add up.  Home ownership is still possible…it is a goal we should all be looking to achieve.  If we can be of assistance to you, please call, email or stop by and we’ll help get you moving in the direction of home ownership!  We’ve been in Anderson County for over 38 years….you are more than clients to us…you are friends that we have built relationships with!  Put our years of experience to work for you….times are tough but we’ve been there before and we’ll be there afterwards too!  Let us help you!