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Why Buy Local?

The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee is an avid supporter of \”Buy Local – Stay Local\”, healing a program designed to encourage residents of Anderson County to buy their goods and services in Anderson County for a good reason.\n\nFor every $100 spent in Anderson County, for sale consumers pay 9.75% sales tax on goods purchased. Therefore, the sales tax on $100 is $9.75. The State of Tennessee retains $7.00 or 7%, with $2.75 (2.75%) minus fees that returns to local governments. From the $2.75 (2. 75%) the State retains 1.125% for administrative costs and prior to distribution by the Anderson County Trustee’s office, a 1 % fee is assessed, leaving $2.69 to be distributed as follows: one-half to the three school systems and the remainder returned to the municipality or county government from which it was received.\n\nConsider the amount you spend in a month and how much of that expenditure you spend in another county, thereby contributing to their revenues. If you purchase $100 worth of goods in another county, your \”$2.69\” is retained by that county.\n\nAnderson County has 31,652 households with the average household income of $58,855.00. A typical family spends 15% of their annual income on groceries, which equates to approximately $8,850 a year, or $280 million a year on groceries that will generate $7 .5 million in local option sales tax. Did you know that in Anderson County, the local option sales tax received in 2015, the 2.75% minus fees, equates to $25 million in total revenues for Anderson County Government, the five municipalities and all three school systems?\n\nHowever, leakage to surrounding counties remains staggering. When you consider large purchases such as cars, appliances, building supplies, etc., ask yourself, \”Can this product be purchased in Anderson County?\” It could be more myth than truth that you will receive a lower price by going to a retailer in another county. Did you know that most retailers offer price matching? Do your homework. Provide the sales person an advertisement from local media or from the internet and you may receive the same price here in your county. Often apparent savings are more than offset by the additional costs of gasoline and wear and tear on your vehicle to travel to Knoxville or other counties.\n\nThere are over 2,600 businesses in Anderson County that contribute to the economic health of our County by payment of property tax (40% of the County’s overall budget), business tax (about $1.2 million annually), sales tax when supplies are purchased from other businesses and payroll tax. Their employees receive a salary and have the option to spend their money in Anderson County.\nIf goods and services are purchased in another county, their employees are likely to live in that county and spend their money in that county.\n\nRevenues needed to operate Anderson County Government and the municipalities of Clinton, Norris, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs and Rocky Top are derived from property tax, sales tax, business tax, gas tax, in lieu of tax payments, transfer taxes and mortgage taxes paid to the Register of Deeds, vehicle registration fees paid to the County Clerk, building permits, court costs, traffic tickets and other taxes from federal and state sources. Services provided to citizens from these government entities include police and fire protection, schools, ambulance services, garbage collection, libraries, roads, parks, etc.\n\nAnderson County Government collects 41.5% of the property tax from commercial properties while 58.5% is collected from residential properties. One Big Box Retailer in Anderson County annually pays $83,240 for one location and $119,623 for the second location in property tax.\n\nAll local revenues including Sales Tax and Property Tax provide funding for the three school systems as follows based on \”weighted average attendance\”: 0.576% to Anderson County Schools, 0.348% to Oak Ridge Schools and 0.076% to Clinton City Schools.\n\nThe \”Buying Local Program\”, if successful, may contribute to lower taxes and provide an atmosphere for local retailers to not only stay in business in Anderson County but also to grow in Anderson County.\n\nNeed another reason to Buy Local? Research has proven that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remains in the county by way of local supply purchases and business services, local taxes, wages and community donations. Local businesses have a tendency to support the local community, patronize local establishments for both business and personal reasons as well as support community organizations. How many times have you seen the signs of a local business on the local ball field fence or a business name on the back of a youth’s team jersey?\n\nFinally, let me say a word about internet sales. Online out-of-state companies DO NOT support the local economy by job creation, property and business tax revenue or support our community organizations or schools. When we spend our money in Anderson County, it stays in Anderson County!!\n\nBUY LOCAL – it’s more than a concept – it’s a way of life! Support the businesses that reinvest in our county’s economic vitality, while maintaining the unique character and quality of life in Anderson County! Shop Anderson County first to support local business and keep tax dollars working in our community!\n\nJanet Hawkins, Executive Vice President\nRetail Development\nAnderson County Chamber of Commerce\n245 N. Main St., Ste. 200, Clinton, TN 37716\nPH: 865-457-2559

Visit downtown Clinton, Tennessee this weekend!

Historic downtown Clinton has become known far-and-wide as a destination for antique shoppers.  The stores that call downtown Clinton home are as unique and impressive as the beautiful old buildings that line Market and Main Streets.  This weekend (May 3-4, prescription cheap 2013) is the annual Spring Antique Fair presented by the Antique Merchants Guild of Clinton and the city of Clinton.  Not only are the shops and eateries open for business, search but the streets are lined with antique vendors from across the region.  This Fair as well as the Fall Antiques Festival in October have become two of my favorite weekends to be in our lovely hometown!

Volunteering in Anderson County!

This past weekend was a beautiful day to work outside at Choices Resource Center! A group from my church, no rx cheap Faith Promise, for sale worked together along with another local church to do landscaping, painting and other volunteer office work. It was part of an area wide volunteer weekend. Our church had a number of volunteer opportunities for those wanting to participate. I was very pleased to see several young children who came with their parents to help out. I really think it is so important to have children learn the meaning of community service. I was so fortunate to have parents, but especially a father, who showed me what it truly meant to volunteer and serve others in my community. It doesn’t have to be a special day to volunteer, as it was this weekend. If you have an hour each week to put toward a project in your community, that helps a lot! Instead of complaining all the time, get out and volunteer, make a difference in your community!

A Beautiful Day

While driving home from the office today, prostate thumb I couldn’t help but smile. What a fantastic community we live in here in Clinton, sales cheap Tennessee! The past few weeks have been extremely stormy – lots of wind and RAIN! Today, however, was sunny with blue skies and perfect temperatures. As I drove down Riverbend Road, I waved to my neighbors – most of them outside mowing and manicuring their lawns. All that rain has turned everything green! I really appreciate days like today. A simple drive home for lunch reminds me of the blessings of living in a city like Clinton: friendly neighbors, lovely homes, a naturally beautiful environment in the Tennessee Valley. I’m glad I live here! And one of my favorite things to do as a REALTOR (R) is to meet a newcomer to the community – or a potential newcomer. I’m proud of my city, my county, and my state. I would love for you to be a part of it! If you are looking for a place to call home – maybe a new start in a new place – come see Clinton and Anderson County, Tennessee. I truly believe there’s no place quite like it anywhere else. It’s home to me…and it could be home for you too!

So many things happening in Anderson County

Congratulations to 6 year old, viagra sales cialis Kaleb Hanna, prostate who was chosen as the winner of our Easter Coloring Contest!  Kaleb won a shiney, new bicycle!\n\nIt’s the week of the Easter celebration and I’m getting prepared to enjoy the holiday.  My church, Antioch Baptist, is having an Easter Egg hunt at Jaycee Park on Saturday.   Other area churches are also having egg hunts so look for advertisements around Anderson County.  I remember as a child, how I enjoyed participating in egg hunts.  I was never lucky enough to be the \”golden egg\” winner but it was just so much fun running around looking for eggs.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend to make it enjoyable for everyone!  Also, Friday is Good Friday.  Sellers Realty will be open and available for all your property calls!\n\nThis morning, Joey Smith, Bobbie Sellers and myself, Melissa Davis, attended an Anderson County Chamber of Commerce event which was sponsored by AT&T.  We were able to listen to Senator Randy McNally and Representative John Ragan.  Two of the main topics of the meeting were jobs and education.  Tennessee is one of the lowest states in the amount of debt, which is great for us!  On the job front of course, we are still lagging behind in several counties in our area such as Scott, Morgan, Campbell but Anderson County seems to be doing well given our current economic times.\n\nOn Thursday, I’ll be very excited to attend the Anderson County Chamber Coffee, which is hosted by Remotec.  This is a very exciting event and we are given the opportunity to tour the facility and see what is going on in the area of remote technology.\n\nLastly but most important to my business, on the real estate front, we are very pleased to have a full pending board.  Our pending board in our office is the way we measure our current success.  For the past several weeks, the board has been full of approaching sales.  Looks like the end of April  is going to be a very busy month for Sellers Realty with at least 9 proposed closings for this month!  With interest rates still low, even with inflation starting to appear, it is a great time to buy a house!  We are starting to see prices creep up on items we purchase on a daily basis.  With that increase will eventually come an increase on the interest rates.  Also, lending is going to tighten up.  In a recent article from NAR, it stated that 1 of every 4 mortgages is denied and that will get even harder as buyers are going to be required to pay more money down.  There are still 100% loans available for qualifed buyers.  So it is still a great time to buy!\n\nI wish you and your family and friends a very Happy Easter!  I’m so very fortunate to have a wonderful group of coworkers, church family and special family to spend the holiday with!

Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Coffee at Clinton High School

I was amazed at all I learned about Clinton High School and the opportunities that the students have there!  Clinton High School hosted The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Coffee yesterday, viagra sales mind January 20th for our first networking coffee of the year!  I left there with such a positive feeling about the school and the progress that is being made to assist these students with their futures!  They have so many amazing programs that are enabling the students to learn far more than I ever had the chance to learn at that age and prepare them for college and \”the real world\” of being adults!  I must say I was very proud when I walked in to the coffee and saw a young lady from my church, troche Lauren Copeland, cheap there to greet me.  There were students there to escort us in, open the doors for us, greet us, assist with serving, masters of ceremony, FFA presentation, talk about Special Olympics, talk about Honors programs, there was so much that I can’t even recall it all….but I was impressed!  What a great way to start the year off!  I look forward to sharing with my clients, the benefits of Clinton High School!  Thanks for hosting us.

Clinton receives national recognition

We here at Sellers Realty are swelling with pride for our hometown!  Bloomberg BusinessWeek released its list of the Best Places to Raise Kids in the United States.  Our very own Clinton was named the best city in Tennessee!  Bloomberg weighed several factors:  affordability of real estate, view ask good school systems, parks and recreational opportunities, and low crime rates.  Clinton came out on top as one of the top 50 small towns in the country.\n\nThose of us who have called Clinton, Tennessee home for a long time are not surprised.  Clinton is truly a fantastic community…a hidden gem, some might say.  Not surprisingly, real estate was one of the major factors used to determine the top 50.  From small cottages to country estates, Clinton and all of Anderson County provide opportunities for any buyer.  When you think of Clinton and Anderson County real estate, think Sellers Realty!  Let us introduce you to some wonderful communities and some outstanding real estate deals!

Bobbie Sellers Recognized at North Anderson County Boys and Girls Club Dinner

Last Thursday evening, viagra usa viagra the Annual North Anderson County Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame Dinner was held at the Family Life Center at First Baptist Church in Clinton.   I was thrilled that Bobbie Sellers, and my managing broker and \”boss\” was being inducted into the 2010 Hall of Fame for her work as a local  Business Leader.  I have been fortunate enough to work as an assistant and now as a licensed affiliate broker for Bobbie for over 17 years.  She has taught me everything that I know about the real estate business. \n\nNot only are we fortunate to have great leaders in our community like Bobbie, but we have a great organization in the Boys and Girls Club helping area children.  As a child, with a working mother, this would have been the place that I would have went for after school care. It is a great organization!  I encourage you to google the North Anderson County Boys and Girls Club and check out their website.

Anderson County is thriving!

What a wonderful event I attended earlier today.  The City of Clinton hosted the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce member’s coffee.  It was attended by area business leaders along with our local politicians.  Members were talking about new the Confluence Solar plant coming into the I-75 industrial park along with a possible expansion at one of the other local plants.  The need to support our local small businesses was also discussed.  Sellers Realty was represented at the event by Jo Suggs, decease tadalafil Joey Smith and myself, discount Melissa Davis.  It was a great opportunity to network with area individuals. \n\nThe housing market in Anderson County is doing very well right now.  We are very fortunate that we have not taken the \”hit\” to our market like other areas of the country.  In my opinion, that is due to the fact that we have the industry in Oak Ridge and also, TVA that are not based soley on customer demand.  Sellers Realty is starting out 2010 with a full sales pending board, a feat that is very seldom done in the winter months in real estate. \n\nAlso, Leslie Sellers, the co-owner of Sellers Realty and manager of the appraisal department, was inducted last night as President of The Appraisal Institute.  The Appraisal Institute is an advocacy and education organization that has 91 chapters and more than 25,000 members.  Everyone at Sellers Realty is very proud of this accomplishment.  Who would have thought a man from Clinton, Tn. would achieve such a distinquished honor?  Leslie travels the world advocating the principles and ethics of appraising. \n\nSo this week has been a busy week at Sellers Realty!  Let’s keep the momentum going!

Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner

The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce held their Annual Recognition Dinner last night.  The event was headlined by guest speaker, viagra buy buy cialis Hallerin Hilton Hill, best viagra medical local radio personality.  One hundred forty people attended the dinner which was catered by Catering by Delora.  Fox Toyota graciously hosted the event and First National Bank sponsored the dinner.  Music was provided by the Clinton High School Concert Band.  Several individuals received awards including Derek Keeton of Ameriprise Financial, Debbie Sellers of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Kristin Olsen of Small Paws Bed & Biscuit and Roger Houck of the City of Clinton Parks & Recreation Department.  There was a silent auction and I was lucky enough to be the winning bidder on an item!  Sellers Realty sponsored a table at the event with myself , Patrick Slone, Joey and Susan Smith, Debbie Sellers, Marty and Kim Stooksbury and Victoria Bowling seated at the table.  It was a great time!  I invite local businesses and individuals to join the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce…it’s a great organization and a great network!