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Improve Your Well-Being by Traveling the Nation

Whether you travel a little or a lot, help there is a good chance that you wish you could travel more and have a bucket list of destinations you’d like to visit. Traveling gives us access to new experiences, foods, cultures, and knowledge like no other experience can. But, you don’t always have to travel to exotic destinations. Sometimes traveling within the U.S. is an even better experience because it helps you appreciate the perspectives of your fellow Americans. The benefits of traveling the U.S. are numerous. Here are some of the top ways it improves your well-being:\n\n \n\nYou will realize there is much more to learn about the U.S. than you ever imagined\n\n \n\nWhile you may have called the U.S. home your entire life, you may not realize just how much there is about it that you don’t know. By traveling throughout the United States, you will learn about the history and significance of places that don’t get much attention; for example, you may stumble upon a place that is famous for being the birthplace of a certain food or product. You also may learn new phrases and languages because there is a different vernacular in various parts of the country.\n\n \n\nYou will get a chance to relax\n\n\n\nSome people worry a great deal about traveling too far from home. They may be anxious about not knowing the language, not enjoying traditional foods in other places, or not being close to family in the case of an emergency. If the thought of traveling to another continent worries you, you should travel the U.S. instead so you can relax and have a more enjoyable vacation. You will have less stress and stand a better chance of recharging your batteries if you are more comfortable traveling within the country.\n\n \n\nOne place that is sure to relax you is Clinton, Tennessee. Clinton is a beautiful area of our nation that has a rich history and a quaint country feel. With its proximity to Knoxville, Clinton is a haven of Tennessee that provides access to the gorgeous Clinch River. If you like to fish, be sure to bring your fly rod and small flies because Clinch is one of America’s premier trout streams. Clinton also has adorable shops and a southern charm that makes it a fun, relaxing destination.\nTraveling helps you be more flexible\n\nEven the most prepared people can experience a few hiccups when they travel. For people who like to be in control, traveling abroad can bring about unexpected challenges they had not anticipated, which may cause them undue stress that ruins the trip. On the other hand, traveling within the U.S. is a bit more manageable. There almost always is a gas station, fast food place, or shopping center nearby that can make unanticipated travel headaches a bit easier to deal with when you travel the U.S. The more you travel, the more flexible you will become because you will know that there are places nearby that can help you through whatever road trip issues occur.\n\n \n\nYou will be able to leave life behind for awhile\n\n \n\nWhen you travel, you get to experience adventures and cultures that you otherwise would only be able to hear or read about. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut at home, traveling will reinvigorate your sense of discovery and introduce you to new foods, activities, and even hobbies. You will have fun and gain new insights and perspectives that you can keep with you and then take advantage of when you do return home.\n\n \n\nTraveling abroad can be fun and exciting, but traveling throughout the United States has its own perks as well. Consider visiting quaint places like Clinton, TN, to relax and get reenergized and truly appreciate this nation that you call home.\n\n \n\nImage via Pixabay by tpsdave

Anderson County Summer Family Fun!

Are you looking for something fun to do this summer with your family that doesn’t break the bank? Looking for different activities to help your kids enjoy their summer and make memories they will remember forever? Here is a list of activities in the area that are low cost, sale or free for families to enjoy!

Date: Time: Age: Event: Where:
May 25th-July 2nd Kids Summer Reading Program Registration Clinton Public Library
May 28th 11am Kids Grand Opening Lakefront Park Splash Pad
June 3rd 10am Kids Summer Reading Program Lafollette Public Library
June 4th All Ages National Trails Day Tennessee State Parks
June 5-10th 6-8:30pm All Ages VBS Pleasant View Baptist Church
June 6th-July 1st 11am-12pm Kids Schools Out Free Lunch NCES
June 6th-July 2nd Kids Summer Reading Program Clinton Public Library
June 6-10th 6-8:30pm VBS Bethel Baptist
June 6-10th 10am-1pm VBS Main St Baptist, sale Rocky Top
June 7th 4-7pm Summer Library Norris Middle School
June 11th 11am Kids Kids Free Fishing Day Miller Island Boat Access Clinch River, Norris
June 11th All Ages Free Fishing Day State of Tennessee
June 13th-17th 7-8:45pm All Ages VBS New Hope Baptist Church, Rocky Top
June 13th-17th 7-9pm All Ages VBS Oak Grove Community, Rocky Top
June 14th Book-MO-Bus Check Twitter @nmslibrarytn or Instagram @nmslibrarytn for times
June 28th Book-MO-Bus Check Twitter @nmslibrarytn or Instagram @nmslibrarytn for times and locations
July 1st-2nd Firecracker Sale Downtown Clinton
July 4th 8:30am-After Dark All Ages Norris Day Norris Commons
July 5th 4-7pm Summer Library Norris Middle School
July 11-12th, 14-15th 7-9pm k-8th  ACHS Cheer Camp ACHS
July 12th Book-MO-Bus Check Twitter @nmslibrarytn or Instagram @nmslibrarytn for times and locations
August 5th 5:30-Dark All Ages Back to School Movie Night Antioch Baptist Church parking lot (bring a chair or blanket to sit on)

Curb Appeal

“You’ll never have a second chance to create a good first impression.\”\n\nThe very first impression potential buyers, diagnosis make when pulling up to your home is does it have curb appeal? Even if you are not in the market to sell your house, tadalafil curb appeal helps to increase your home and property value. If a yard is well taken care of, there is confidence that the home is also well taken care of.\n\nHere are some simple tips to help your home look its best…\n\n1) Clean up!- Pick up garbage that has been dropped. Pick up all broken branches and dead trees as soon as possible to maintain a better appearance. Power wash your home, driveway, deck, and sidewalks to clean off any built up debris.\n\n2) Landscaping- Plant with each season in mind, being mindful of your landscaping. Think about pops of color to draw attention, as well as something that doesn’t require lots of maintenance. It doesn’t cost anything to get weeds out of your flower beds! Prune shrubs, trim trees to make them look more appealing to your line of sight. Consider placing some solar lighting in among your landscaping and driveway.\n\n3) Front Door- Repaint it with a pop of color that accents the house, place a new welcome mat in front of the door, add some flowers in pots, a wreath on the door. Make it look warm and inviting.\n\n4) Maintaining-You won’t have any curb appeal if you have a beautiful landscaped lawn and have not maintained your home. Replace gutters when they need. Fixing worn out porch will help up your curb appeal, and your home and property value.\n\nWhat do you need to do to improve the appearance of your home?

How does staging effect the sale of a home?

Staging a home is a very important step when getting your home ready to sell. Here are some very simple tips to stage a house on a budget. If you are serious about selling your home then you need to have a very discerning eye. Look at your house, discount rx as if you are a potential buyer.  Here is some tips for staging.\n


  1. De-Personalize-Remove any family photos, sale as well as dirty clothes, recipe toothbrushes, makeup.  Allow the potential buyer to use their imagination to view this as a home for their family.
  2. \n

  3. Declutter-Get rid of things! Sell, donate, trash! This can be one of the biggest jobs, and most important.
  4. \n

  5. Deep Clean-The easiest way to stage your home is to just clean it! Wash your dishes, put the laundry away, vacuum, mop, clean the bathrooms, make the beds.
  6. \n

  7. Closets-Clean out closets. Don’t have closets look like they are overflowing and not enough space. Have them neat and organized. Most people desire closet space, if your closets are overflowing they will automatically think they will not have enough closet space.
  8. \n

  9. Neutralize your home- Freshen up your paint with a coat of neutral paint!  It will give your home the crisp, clean look that most buyers are looking for.
  10. \n

  11. Curb Appeal-The first impression a buyer will get is pulling up to your home. You want to make them want to come inside. If the outside is taken care of, the inside will likely be taken care of also.  Keep the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, bushes trimmed and some flowers planted.
  12. \n

  13. Smell-Make sure your home smells clean. Walk outside for a few minutes, clear your senses and walk back inside your home. What do you smell? Is it overpowering? Too flowery? Too strong? It should smell fresh and clean.
  14. \n

  15. Mr.Fix-It-Walk through your home and make a list of things that need to be fixed. Screws tightened, holes patched,
  16. \n

  17. Warmth-Turn up the temperature a few degrees in the winter. In the summer turn the AC to make sure the house will be comfortable during showings. You want potential buyers to feel comfortable.
  18. \n

  19. Furniture-Place your furniture so that your rooms flow. You want to be able to move comfortably around a room and not feel crowded.
  20. \n


Manufacturing Day in Clinton

Roane State Community College will host an open house at its Clinton Higher Education and Workforce Training Facility as part of Manufacturing Day on Friday, capsule doctor Oct. 2.\n

\nThe event will last from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the facility, 214 Nave St. in Clinton. The public is invited to visit the facility and learn more about Roane State courses in mechatronics and injection molding.\n\nRepresentatives from area manufacturers will be at the facility to discuss job opportunities in manufacturing, and Roane State staff will demonstrate equipment used in its mechatronics and injection molding programs.\n\nFor more information, contact Nick Forrester at (865) 354-3000 ext.4873,